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Michael and Amy Masoni love ice cream cones, so they decided to create the best waffle cone mix recipes and make them available to scoop shops! 

Featured Waffle cone mixes:

  • Original Waffle Cone Mix.
  • GLUTEN FREE Original
  • Custom Flavors available with 2500 # order



Hand-Crafted Gourmet waffle cone mixes Designed For Taste, Crunch, aroma  and quality. 




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Each of our waffle cone mix recipes uses only the finest Northwest Grown Wheat, Beet Sugar, Aromatic Flavors and other specialty ingredients to combine for the best tasting waffle cones ever. Masconi waffle cone mixes are 100% transfat free!The crunch your customers  experience with each bite of cone will improve your scoop shop sales! Your shop-baked waffle cones made with our gourmet waffle cone mix will be unsurpassed.

Experience our quality for yourself.

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We  offer customized waffle cone mix flavor development for minimum orders of 2500 pounds.